Pack 85

Where Eagles Fly

Pack 85 will strive to:

Take boys and begin the process of turning them into responsible men by placing their feet firmly on the path to Eagle!

Help every boy in the Pack to attain [The Arrow of Light] the highest award a Cub Scout can earn.

Help the boys in the pack to enjoy and know the basics of camping and other scouting skills so when they transition to a Boy Scout Troop, they are ahead of their peers and are ready to be productive members of the Troop.

Encourage and provide parents with information and tools to help them understand the importance of becoming more involved with their Cub Scouts. In turn, we hope that boys will stay with the program longer, working their way ultimately to Eagle Scout.

Help every boy in the pack to obtain the religious awards specific to his faith to honor the Boy Scouts Duty to God.


Our pack was originally chartered at Harrisburg Baptist Church in the 1940's. During the 1970's the pack became inactive, but was rechartered by the church in October 2002. Rusty Curbow and Mark Maharrey served as Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster, respectively, and were very instrumental in restarting the pack. They started with about 8 Boys.